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The answer to this question is Yes. Many products, such as video games, movies or sweets, are mainly bought by youngsters. Therefore, the views of these non-adults are regarded highly by market research companies. The Choozz Panel is a survey panel aimed at a younger audience (Ages 14 to 35). However, if you are joining Crowdology then you need to have a minimum age of 16.

As you can see, the minimum age varies from survey site to survey site, so this needs to be checked out before you sign up to each survey panel. The minimum age limit for each survey panel can be found on the frequently asked questions page on each survey website (FAQ).

In addition to this, sometimes you will receive a survey which needs to be completed by a child in your household.  Therefore if you are parent, you could pass the survey reward onto your son or daughter if they complete the survey for you.


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