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These days everyone needs a little extra cash to make ends meet at home. Completing online surveys is one way to do it which if you are constant and stay on top of things will help you achieve these extra money goals. On the other hand, if you believe that you will become rich completing surveys, you are dead wrong, it will never happen. Even if there were hundreds of surveys for you to take every day it would be an impossible task.

If you are really interested in this work the place to go is Palm Research Survey site, it is one of the most complete survey sites online. Again this will only be good to make some extra money, you will not become rich and you will not be able to leave your day job either. The first step to take is to register completing all the questions they have for you. These questions help them determine which surveys they can send to your address and which not to send. Most of the time clients want a specific segment of population to answer their survey; this information is used to choose the people they need for s specific survey.

Once this is complete they will allow you to enter into the survey area of their website, in there you will find a list of the available surveys. It is impossible for you to fit the qualifications or requirements for all of them but you may be able to do two or three per day. Making four or five dollars per day is an accurate and probable estimate of your possibilities. All those advertisement campaigns where they say you can make five hundred and eight hundred dollars per day are nothing but lies. All they want is to take your money. Palm Research Survey site does not charge you anything when you start working for them.

Palm Research pays every forty five days, the work you deliver on the first of May will be paid on the fifteenth of June. This gives them time to receive all the documentation you have completed during the month so you can get paid on the next one. This may seem a long time to wait for payment but the truth is that if you are constant with your work and complete at least two or three surveys per day you could be making five dollars per day which at the end of the month will give you a little something extra. Some surveys are paid better than others, the average price in one dollar per half an hour survey. If you spend a lot of time per day doing this, five to seven dollars is a good estimate per day.

The work is fairly easy; most of the questions are about products and which you would rather use or what you would buy and things like that. The work is easy but it is only complementary, you cannot make a living out of surveys. So if you are looking for some part-time work or a work at home job then Palm Research is a good place to start. They accept residents from several countries including the United Kingdom.
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