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Rewarded Opinions Survey Site Review

It is easy to get started with Rewarded Opinions. If you like sharing your opinions about consumer services, products you use and help to share information that influences the online marketplace then this website is ideal for taking surveys. You can join the US or UK survey panel and start earning for your survey contributions immediately. Only citizens of the United States and United Kingdom allowed to become members currently and you must be age 16 or older to apply. Registration is simple and fast using the online registration form that can be found on the website.

Rewarded Opinions are a company specializing in online market research. Members join as part of panels to participate in online surveys, focus groups and research studies. For each type of survey that you contribute to members earn rewards that turn into accumulated points. These points are totalled and can be exchanged for cash. You earn 50 points for registering and 75 points for referrals to the website. Individual surveys can earn as much as 500 points and focus groups can earn as high as 3000 points when completed. When exchanged for cash payments 100 points translates into USD$1 OR 1 pound, based on the country members actually reside in. In order to receive a payment, you need to have earned the necessary points to request a redemption or a payout. This amount is 2000 points or what translates into cash amounts of USD$20 or 20 pounds. All payments are made via PayPal from the website.

There are also some other things that you can be a part of like competitions, prize drawings and sweepstakes. Although the details about these are more vague, and will only be divulged if a winner is picked. Most of my experience has shown that it is very unlikely that you will win anything from these contests, but perhaps if you are very diligent as a member that might be different. The key to these are to be very consistent as a member, by joining almost everything that is offered to you and logging in regularly so as not to miss any daily opportunities. It is possible to win some free things if you take advantage all their daily online offers.

Rewarded Opinions is a very user friendly website and has a fairly wide variety of surveys to choose from. Unfortunately it does take time for your payments to get approved and some waiting for completed surveys to give their awarded points to members, but this is the same with most online websites that are similar to Rewarded Opinions. All around they are not bad and probably would be above average for new users and it is free. You probably will not get rich but can earn some money by becoming a member. For the most part this website is as good as any other survey sites available online, but the customer service is pretty hard to get in touch with. Although, this is not unusual for online survey websites.

Click here to join Rewarded Opions and start earning money with their regular cash surveys.

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