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Hotspex Survey Site Review

By now, you are probably aware that there are a number of online survey-taking sites for a person to choose from when looking for this type of opportunity. Some offer points that can be traded for cash and merchandise, while others offer actual cash for each survey completed, with a minimum balance in your account before they will pay out, either by check or by directly depositing to your PayPal account. So what's the deal with Hotspex?

Hotspex calls its members 'innovators' because once you have joined their site, you become part of a large group of people that are able to offer valuable opinions about product ideas. You are also able to offer your own product ideas for others to rate.

These surveys all earn you what is called BUX. These BUX are the payment system of Hotspex. From what I have seen, many of the smaller surveys on their home page are worth between one and five BUX and take approximately five to fifteen minutes to complete. They're simple and to the point and some are more like the quizzes you would find on Facebook than an actual 'survey' which makes them fun as well.

At the end of each of these mini surveys, your BUX reward will be displayed and you will have the option to either add your BUX to your account balance or to donate them to a charity of your choosing.

If you choose to add them to your account balance, you will then have to save up enough to be able to spend them. Once you have collected enough BUX (starting with as little as five), you are able to take them to the rewards centre of the site, where you find the Prize Xchange. Here you are given several options for spending them.

The Prize XChange allows you to purchase chances in a drawing to win the prizes shown in various categories, such as electronics, house wares and children's items. Next to each prize you will see how many chances are available in total and how many have already been purchased, so it's easy to see what your odds are of winning.

The Prize XChange is also where you can select the option to donate to a charity like the Rainforest Conservation Fund. Not to mention that every time you take a survey that Hotspex has invited you to take, they plant a tree in the Peruvian rainforest. Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House are a couple of the other options for charitable donations.

Also available in this area is access to the Hotpot, where you can contribute your own BUX to increase a monthly jackpot. Each month the Hotpot is automatically started at ten thousand BUX and the only thing you need to do to win is to take at least one survey in that month. Whoever the lucky winner is, half of the BUX in the jackpot become theirs, while the other half are donated to the charity of the winner's choice.

The final option for your BUX is to have them converted to a cash payment via PayPal or trade them for an Amazon gift card, neither of which is an option until you become a VIP member. However, the only thing you need to do in order to automatically become VIP is to complete five of the surveys that Hotspex will be sending you via e-mail.

It's a very simple site to use and even simpler to earn BUX for chances to win great prizes. I think I'll be sticking around to see what the future holds here. To join Hotspex click here.


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