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Opinion Now Survey Site Review

Opinion now is a site that pays you for telling them what you think. By becoming a part of their panel you actually get to find out about products and services that will be seen in the market tomorrow by taking the surveys that allow you to give your opinions about different branded goods, media and a variety of services. For the surveys you take, you get to not only shape future products and services, but actually get a monthly payment in the form of cash or pay your online internet fee. Opinion now, works with Untiedt research and are a site that works towards conducting serious and unbiased research.

To sign up with opinion now you need to simply visit their page online and start off by clicking on the register here tab. The sign up process, despite the sites claim takes quite a while. It begins by asking the usual questions, email address, date of birth, marital and employment status, education but extends into a very lengthy and tiresome form, which asks for quite a lot of information about internet usage, internet provider, hobbies, interests, recent purchases and many other questions. Once the survey is finished, you receive an email that verifies your email address and completes the registration.

Next you receive emails about surveys that are appropriate for you based on the information entered into the sign up form. Using the unique tester number sent with each survey, you can click on the url for the survey and start off. There is however, a time limit on each survey and before you start, you are informed of that time and the amount you will get paid for finishing it. If a survey's time is finished and you are unable to complete the survey, it does not contribute towards your earnings. So, finish each started survey within the given time. To get paid through opinion now, you must have a bank account or a pay pal account, as all earnings are transferred into the specified account, there is no other way to get paid, so make sure you already have an account so that payment is easy and timely.

Opinion now is open to pretty much everyone, but do not allow market researchers, journalists, advertising or publicity experts to participate to ensure their surveys are taken by average people and not by people with experience in fields to be researched. Opinion now is open to many countries, including the United States, Austria, Switzerland, European countries and many more. Opinion world sends surveys weekly, sometimes up to 4 or 5 per week sometimes more or less, depending upon how busy they are. It is up to you to take a survey or decline it, there is no obligation to take up everything that is sent to you. You can analyze the time and incentive, before starting off a survey and decide if it is worth the effort, for example, for a 30 minute survey, you can make up to 4 pounds and 27p. The surveys are easy to complete, often lengthy though but that means you get to make more money. A good site to make some easy cash, click here to join Opinion Now.


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