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Opinium Survey Site Review

If you like having your voice and opinion heard, about business products and about all services and products you buy, Opinum survey site is a great research panel site to be a member of. The company specialises in research services through panellist members giving their opinion, and rating the services of particular companies, in turn, telling them what they are doing right, and what they have to change to improve consumer satisfaction. As a panellist you will be voicing your opinion about products you already purchase, plus, you will be getting paid just to give your opinion, so whats there to lose.

Based in London, the company allows consumers to voice their opinions and have their voices heard on products they purchase everyday. To become a member, you must live in the UK, and be of age (18 or older) to join the site. Members are paid about 50p for each survey they complete, depending on the length and time the survey takes to complete this might be higher or lower. Cash will accumulate in the account, and consumers can request a payout once their account balance has reached 25 pounds, or if an individual wants to make a donation to charity, this is also an option when they are cashing out. Additionally, the site does prize drawings for surveys (you receive an entry into the drawing for each survey completed), and prizes which can be won include: ipod touch, a case of champagne (if the panellist is old enough), and in some prize drawings even cash prizes are offered.

So, to register today, all that has to be done is for an individual to select the 'sign up' button, complete a short survey to give basic information about themselves (and see if they qualify to be a member of the site), and select that they agree to the terms and conditions for being a member, and once complete, you will be on your way to taking surveys, and earning cash to voice your opinions. The basic requirements to be a member are that the individual is 18 or older and a resident of the UK. In addition to survey invites, if a member qualifies, they will be invited to focus groups (which they can earn higher payments or even actual prizes for their time and service), can propose topics and suggestions for future surveys, and will be ahead of the consumer market in knowing when new services and products are coming out.

Before completing surveys, there is a pre-screening to see if you qualify. So a couple questions will be asked, and if you qualify you can proceed forward. Payments are made within 24 hours of the survey being completed, the funds are available in the account, and once 25 pounds have been accumulated payments can be requested. Typically, members get about three surveys sent to them a month, but it can be higher.

So, if you want to voice your opinion, join Opinium survey site today for great product reviews, and payments to voice your opinion. Click here to join.


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