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Opinion Bar Panel Member Review

The rise of websites which pay for your opinions is making it easier to top-up your income from home. However, it's difficult to find the websites which will actually pay you money for your time. One of the websites which does actually give money as the reward is www.opinionbar.com. However, it's worth noting that you will not be able to make a living or regularly top-up your income from this website. Having joined some time ago, I will give my honest opinion of the site and useful information regarding how it works.

It's easy to join opinionbar.com, you simply go to their website and hit the 'Sign up!' button. From there you will need to complete some personal details, such as your full name, address and e-mail. Once your account is set up you will be asked to complete some profile questionnaires. These surveys take some time and are not rewarded, but they give the site important information so that relevant surveys can be offered to you. However, you should not expect to receive a survey every day or every week. You may receive around one to four per month, however, one is more likely than four and if you do receive more than one it is likely that you may not fit the demographic they are looking for. Receiving no surveys in a whole month is also quite likely.

The amount of surveys you will receive varies from person to person and is largely based on your demographic (such as age, gender etc.). However, some surveys you're invited to will state that they are looking for a specific group of people, and you will need to complete a short introductory survey to see if you fit within that group. Most surveys which you can fully participate in will pay 1 pound (or $1), but if you complete an introductory survey and are found to not fit the demographic, you may be paid 10p (or $0.10) for your time. The website claims that they will pay 1 pound to pounds per survey, however, the surveys which pay over 1 pound are extremely rare, so rare that you may not see one over 1 pound in 6 months of being a member, maybe longer. This comes from my personal experience.

The site pays you via PayPal, but will not make a payment to you until your opinionbar.com account is over 10 pounds. It is very likely that you will not see your account reach 10 pounds for a very long time, unless you are one of the lucky participants who receives surveys over 1 pound each. I have been a member for quite a few months now, have completed 8 surveys (a lot of which were introductory surveys which found I did not fit the demographic), and have only earned 4 pounds.

Given the amount you can potentially earn from opinionbar.com, I don't believe it to be a worthwhile use of time. The surveys are quite easy to complete, that's if you are ever invited to participate in one. Click here to join Opinion Bar.

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