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Gratis Points Survey Site Review

Gratis Points Survey site is a great place for consumers who love to give their opinions, on their favourite products. To join the site, you have to be living in one of the Countries the site serves, and fill out a basic information question set. Once you register, tell the site a little about your favourite preferences and expertise areas, they will automatically match you up with surveys, where you will earn points based on your input. To ensure you have properly joined the site, an email confirmation message is sent to you, and once you click and open the link, your account is activated, and you can begin taking surveys.

You will have a homepage dashboard, which allows you to see opportunities and surveys available to you, and you can do quick polls, which are just a couple questions, and you might gain the opportunity to be eligible for new surveys through these polls. The dashboard also shows your personal information page, and the points you have earned from the surveys completed. You can constantly update your profile, to let the Gratis Points team of change of information, or new topics and surveys you are capable of completing. And, if for any reason you decide to cancel your account, just click the cancellation page, and your account will be removed within 2 days, and you will receive a confirmation email.

As far as surveys, they take between 15-25 minutes to complete, and the points vary accordingly. Typically the longer the survey, the more points you earn. They will also have a pre-screening of questions on surveys, to filter out participants who don't qualify; therefore, you won't waste 20 minutes, and not earn any points for your time. Surveys are based on the demographic information you supplied when registering, so if a survey meets your needs, you will be sent an invitation. Once you have completed a survey, the status may say "pending." This means that the quality control team is verifying your responses, and ensuring you didn't just speed through to get the points; once, the pending says "earned," the points are available to you.

As far as rewards and earnings, there is a rewards tab, allowing you to see your current points balance. It shows how much you have to spend, and the points which are still pending. To redeem points is fairly easy as well. Once you have earned enough points for the reward you want, simply click on the cash out button in your rewards table, and your reward will be posted. It will take 7 to 10 business days for your reward to be available to you. If you incur any problems when cashing out, you can contact the support team.

For a great way to voice your opinions, and earn rewards for doing so, the site Gratis points survey site, is a great site for any consumer. It's free to join, plus you can earn great rewards just by giving your opinion on things. Gratispoints is a legit survey site and click here if you want to be member of their survey panel.

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