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Song People Survey Site Review

Market research websites seem to all be alike; they tend to have a boring client base and lack the excitement to keep people on their websites. Song People has a different outlook on the research and review world. Song People has an exciting system which is not only unique but is so interesting that people would love to do it for free. The great thing about Song People is that you get paid to review hot new songs before they are even released to the general public.

Song People has a unique way of keeping its users interest by having them review new songs. Unlike other survey panels, this one does not just have you review boring, every day products but instead has you reviewing music which most people would love to do for free. When you join, you get paid to review the new, unreleased songs by top notch artists and music industries. The best part about Song People is that your reviews go directly to the music industries bosses. They pay to hear what the general public thinks of their songs before releasing them.

Once you have joined Song People, you will have the possibility to listen to all these brand new, unreleased songs and music videos. After listening to this music, you will have the possibility to fill out surveys and other activities on the Song People website. Most of these surveys award you with Song People points which are later redeemable for real cash value gift vouchers. Some surveys however do not award you with any points but this will be clearly mentioned before filling out the survey. There is no catch, listen to brand new music, give your opinion and get points which can be redeemed for money. Music industries pay big money to have honest opinions about their musical products because they want to know exactly how good their music is to know whether they can change anything before releasing it to the general public.

Song People point's values are clearly stated before completing a survey. You can view how many point you have accumulated on your member's page area. Song People points are often awarded to your account immediately after completing a survey or any other of the online activities however some may have a certain delay. In any case, Song People points will have a maximum of 30 days before being deposited into your account. Song People points will never take more than 30 days to be awarded.

Song People points can be redeemed for various gift vouchers available on the Song People website once you have reached a minimum of 2000 Song People points. You cannot redeem gift vouchers which are more expensive than the amount of points that you have in your account but you can redeem your points for gift vouchers of a lesser value.

Song People is a truly revolutionary website which is fun and exciting. This website is unlike any other survey website available and even allows you to listen to new music before it is released!

Click here to join Song People.

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