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GfK Media Panel Review

As a participant of many survey sites, I have to say that being a member of the GfK TV Panel is actually one of the best. GfK TV actually rewards its panel members with real prizes and money instead of being entered into some arbitrary prize draw that does not detail the prizes, the odds, or even the winners for that matter, the cynic in me always assumes those survey sites are not that legitimate anyway. What is so great GfK is that they pay you to do what we do for free anyway, and that is watch television. It absolutely does not get any better than that.

GfK is the fifth largest market research company in the world (that, in and of itself lends to the company's credibility) and is headquartered in Germany. They specialize in conducting research about the media industry. Unfortunately, to become a member of this panel you have to be a UK resident as the survey is targeted toward the British population and their television watching habits. Ideally, their goal, as a market research company, is to help television production companies make better programmes so that we do not have to watch a bunch of rubbish.

Currently, the only way to join the GfK TV panel is by invitation only. The reason for this, according to the company is because they want to get be able to get a good sampling across each demographic (age, sex, education, etc.). I am unaware if you will be able to apply yourself in the future. GfK asks that you fill out questionnaires as often as you are able to, ideally, that would be daily. To help you remember, they send you an email reminder each day, which can be a bit annoying but I can see where that can help other people to remember to fill out the survey. The email contains a link that takes you to a personal homepage that was set up for you by GfK, or you can just got to the panel webpage and sign up using your log-in credentials. Once you have logged in, you will notice a grouping of the TV shows that aired the previous day. They are categorized by the channel stations, for example, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Channels, etc. and you are simply to rate the programmes you watched on a scale of 1-10. Filling out the surveys are really easy and fast, I am generally done in about 5-10 minutes, many times less than that.

Again, what is so great about being a GFK TV panel member, is the rewards. Unlike other survey sites that I have participated in, GFK does not reward in points or anything like that. However, for each survey you fill out you are given a ticket (this is to encourage people to fill out the surveys daily). The prize draws are held once a month and needless to say, the more tickets you enter, the greater you chances. All winners are notified by email and receive a cheque in the post. I have been a member for less than a year and have won 3000 pounds total. Of course, you cannot make a living at this, but this is great incidental cash.

Their customer service is really good. Once, I did not receive a check for about 500 pounds and I contacted them via email and they sent another cheque by next day post. I really love this company, but if there was anything that was a negative and it is the repetitive nature of the surveys. Answering the same questions daily can get a bit tedious.

To join the GfK TV Panel click here.


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