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Nielsen Digital Voice Panel Survey Site Review

The Nielsen Digital Voice Panel is part of the Nielsen Company and conducts Internet media and market research. It provides the market with Internet and digital media analysis which helps in obtaining information for the companies that rely on such information to strategise and formulate policies. Such companies include the media and e-commerce companies. The areas usually researched include consumer behaviour and attitudes, consumer demographics and Internet trends. To obtain this information, Nielsen Digital Voice conducts surveys analysing online audiences in video, blogs, websites, advertising and other Internet forum. The information gained is used by various players to make the Internet experience more beneficial to all users.

Joining up the panel is pretty easy. All one has to go to the home page and click the button for join now. Simple instructions appear which guide one in the filling of the form and downloading software which will be used to monitor the Internet behaviour of all those who use the computer. To qualify to join, one has to be above 18 years of age and have the authority to install software in their computers. There are simple regulations one has to accept in order to be eligible to join the panel. Once you get the software, you will then be able to be part of any survey conducted by the panel. Being part of the panel also requires one to provide details of other members of the household who may be using the Internet.

The Digital Voice Panel uses the information from the software and surveys and combines them with other data and research tools to be able to make a proper assessment of the trends in digital and Internet market. The surveys are randomly conducted and do not occur on a regular basis. One is usually conducted through prompts and participation in the surveys is usually voluntary. One can also upgrade their membership to premium membership where additional information about one's household might be required. The other household members' details help in demographic information. The panel is different from other panels in that it offers an independent analysis of online audiences. Its methods and the wide variety of people on the panel enable it to cover most facets of the Internet hence the information and data collected is comprehensive.

There are several advantages of joining the panel. The first one is being part of an effort to provide Internet data which is used to determine policies and has a large bearing on any changes adopted by the companies using this information. There is also the financial incentive which is in form of sweepstakes. Each month, $10,000 is given with the top two prizes being $1,000.This rewards the time you have spent and your efforts. There are several ways to get entries and the more time you spent the more likely you are to win.

What clearly separates the digital voice panel from other panels is their privacy policy. You have the assurance that your personal information will not be used elsewhere. They have virus free software that also does not affect your computers speed. Their technical assistance and response to question is great. The only let down is that there are no points with this program and with irregular surveys, your number of entries could be greatly reduced.

To join the Nielsen Digital Voice panel  click here.


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