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Your Say Pays Survey Site Review

The name of the site, www.yoursaypays.co.uk , is no doubt captivating to those interested in completing surveys for financial reward. Membership is restricted to residents of Ireland and UK only. You will have to be at least 18 years to be eligible. Compare to the registration process of most survey sites, Your Say Pays is far simple to join. You will be required to supply your name, sex, religion, DOB, email address, household income and the region where you reside. Lastly, you will have to make a decision on whether your earnings should go to charity or be paid through PayPal or with an Amazon voucher. This is about all the information required and it takes not more than two minutes to supply.

This site is not one with a monthly definite number of surveys for members. On average, you get two or three surveys per month; it could sometimes be more or less. Your Say Pays is not the only site with surveys for members on a sporadic basis, quite a number of other similar sites do the same. You sometimes get nothing for three whole weeks, and in the last week of the month have four surveys to complete.

Completing surveys on Your Say Pays is simple. They rarely require lengthy details but mostly involve tickling boxes. Within two minutes you should be through with a typical 25p survey comprising 8-10 simple questions. There is hardly any product survey on Your Say Pays. Most of their surveys centre on customer service or lifestyle. Sometimes you will be asked to give your view on general things such as how often you patronize your local store, the insurance you are currently operating, or the content of your dinner.

On completion of a survey, your earning is often in the region of 25p to 50p which is well below the site claim of 25p to 2 pounds. Once in a blue moon you may get one as high as 75p or as low as 10p. The earnings not withstanding, rewards for surveys in this site are commensurate with the length of time required to get the job done. On the site is a blurb stating that it may take you up to 30 days to get your earnings after reaching the threshold of 20 pounds, but in reality it takes far less days. Sometimes you may receive yours 7 days afterwards. Whether or not you make payout request, Your Say Pays automatically sends you the money once you hit 20 pounds.

No doubt this site is great particularly when compare other similar ones; it pays well for interesting and short surveys. One reservation most members have with Your Say Pays is that they do not receive a good number of surveys. Some also dislike the fact that they are not rewarded for referring people to the site. When it comes to customer service, Your Say Pays is not doing badly; at least they quickly send written replies to members' complaints although most times nothing concrete is done about these complaints eventually.

To join the Your Say Pays survey panel  click here.


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