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Choozz Survey Site Panel Member Review

Choozz Surveys is an actual market research company that is based in Fairfield Connecticut, and was created by Survey Sampling International. Initially, I thought the company was a scam because the the website does not appear to be that official but after I signed up with the company, a week or so later, I received a sign-up survey that had a lot of questions about my likes and dislikes as well as my interests. The purpose of this sign-up survey according to Choozz is to determine your preferences so that they can align them with the surveys that would be a good fit for you.

According to Chooz, the panellists who are invited to participate in surveys must be within the age range of 14-35 and as it stands now you must be a resident of the United Kingdom in order to participate. In order to sign up with Choozz all an interested person would need to do is go to their website, www.choozz.com and join. It is free to join and all you need to get started is to fill out a simple form that only asks for your gender, first and last name, and of course your email address.

On average, after I filled out the sign-up survey, I would get about 5-6 email invitations a month to participate in their survey projects. Enclosed in the email was a link that would take me to the survey on a third party site. I kind of wish that Choozz could create a survey directory on it's own website, as I am apprehensive about visiting unauthorized sites. Some of their surveys are really long; once it took me twenty-five minutes to complete just one but they are fairly easy, multiple choice surveys. The types of surveys that are offered range from games, movies, television shows, music, and new products that companies want to test out before putting them on the market.

Currently, there are no direct cash incentives to participate in surveys, however you can earn points for each survey completed and are entered into monthly prize drawings. Choozz does not make mention of how many points you have to earn before you can receive a cash payment. They do stipulate on their website that if you ever do win a cash drawing or are eligible for a cash payment they use Paypal to process payments. On your profile you will need to provide your Paypal email address in order to get paid.

I cannot speak to how efficient Choozz's customer service department is. However, there are only two ways, panellists can get in contact with the company and that is emailing the help desk or snail mail. Overall, Choozz was a fun company to work for because I just like filling out surveys, the cash incentive was an added bonus but I have yet to win a prize or get a cash payment. I only wish there were more surveys available so that I could benefit from accruing more points in hopes of getting some money.

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