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My Voice Survey Site Review

MyVoice is a website that lets people express their opinions on a lot of topics and get rewarded for them in the form of points, prizes and vouchers. Their surveys are centred on a variety of things, from products to services, to policies to institutions, to hotels and restaurants; they have surveys about almost everything and anything.

To get started with MyVoice, simply visit their website and fill out their new member form, which can be found under the join tab. The form is quite simple and requires your UK address, and a valid email address. Once you verify the email address, you can log in and fill out their personal profile form that helps filter which surveys you are eligible to take. Once the signing up is complete, you start receiving emails from MyVoice with url's of the survey they feel you can take. You can click on the url and take the survey and the points you make, start accumulating in your account. You can sign in at MyVoice and check their status any time.

The number of surveys you get varies each week, sometimes you get up to ten or more, sometimes less, depending on how eligible you are to take the surveys available. Filling out your personal profile and keeping it updated does help in getting more surveys. You can finish these whenever you have time and complete however many you wish to, MyVoice does not require a minimum number of surveys to be completed, but to accumulate points the more you take the better. Not just that, MyVoice also enters your name in a lucky prize draw every time you successfully finish a survey, so the more surveys you take the more chances you have of winning.

MyVoice does not reward in cash, they reward with vouchers that reach you via post and you can actually select which store you want to spend your voucher at. MyVoice has quite a list of stores, including some of UK's most popular stores, such as Arcadia, Argos, Asda, Bhs, Boots, B&Q, Coast, Days Out, Debenhams, Sainsbury, See Tickets, Selfridges and Starbucks. Once you have logged in and chosen to redeem your earned points at a store, the voucher reaches you by post within a week, which is quite convenient and efficient.

Not all points can be redeemed however; you can only redeem the points as vouchers when they reach a minimum amount of 2000. Every time you reach 100 points you get a 1 pound.But small amounts cannot be redeemed, so you have to keep taking surveys to reach the minimum. If there are quite a few surveys available, this is not a very hard task as most surveys are pretty easy, not very long, usually 12 to 15 questions and fun. MyVoice is a great place to express your opinion and see what others have to say too, it is a good way to supplement your shopping, especially if you are a fan of their selected stores.

Click here to join MyVoice.



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