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Opinion World Survey Site Review.

Opinion world is a site that has surveys about everything under the sun. They have surveys on hotels, vacations, businesses, government policies, products and many other varied topics. Signing up with opinion world is quite easy; all you need is your areas post code, a verified pay pal account and a valid email address and answer a few questions regarding your work status, dependants and education. Opinion world currently extends membership to people living in the UK, thus their survey's centre around products, stores and trends popular in the UK. Registration is free and once you have completed this short process, you will be taken to a page that will start you up on your very first survey. You will receive an email that will welcome you as a member and provide you details about opinion world and you will start receiving emails about surveys that you can take.

The number of surveys you take per month is up to you. Opinion world makes things quite easy for its members by sending out emails with details of the survey and a URL that takes you to that survey. If you cannot take a survey there will be no penalties or deductions, but the more surveys you take the more points you can accumulate. Using these points you can gift vouchers of your choice from the WebShop that is part of opinion world. Amamzon.co.uk, Marriot and Boots are just some of the popular places you can get vouchers for. You can also convert your points into cash and get paid through pay pal.

Opinion world also has prize draws. There are quarterly draws that give every member a chance at winning 5000 pounds and each time you finish up a survey your name gets entered into the draw. Many people also use opinion world because of the charities it supports. You can actually sign up with them and donate what you earn to a charity that supports your cause. From wildlife trusts to leukaemia and lymphoma research, they have quite a few charities that can benefit from the donations sent by the members.

There are a few downsides to the site. You cannot get any other member of your family to take the surveys for you if you are busy, and more often than not you cannot take particular surveys because you do not fit into the age or income bracket. Customer service is kind of slow, they take about 2 to 3 days to get back to you and the only way to communicate is through email. Also, the points you need to accumulate are quite high compared to the money that is offered in return. For example, for 1000 points all you get are 10 pounds. You cannot redeem any points for vouchers or for cash until you reach 1000 points and if work is slow or if you cannot find surveys to take because you do not fit the criteria then you will be stuck for a while, if your points are below 1000. That aside, opinion world is a good website to make some money for a bit of shopping, but not very feasible if you are looking to save. Click here to get started with Opinion World.






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