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Opinion People Survey Site Review

So you are looking to earn some extra money, and love voicing your opinion on things. Opinion People are one of a few survey sites that allow you to do this. Whether you want to voice your opinion about your favourite chocolate bar, favourite beer, or any product in the market today, Opinion People offers consumers to do just that; plus, they will pay you for giving your opinion on these products which you use.

So, how do you get paid? Basically for each survey completed, you will receive bonus points, which in turn you can convert into cash earnings (once you reach a certain amount of bonus points). You will know how many bonus points you will receive per survey, because each one clearly indicates in the invitation, how many points you will earn. Users can earn bonus points of up to 5 GBP per survey completed (although typically not many surveys will payout this much). Additionally, for each survey you complete, you will be entered into a monthly prize drawing, for whatever product is being advertised by the company for the month.

If you are worried about your information being sold to third parties, there is no need for this concern. Opinion People's site adheres to a confidential privacy of each consumers information; meaning, your personal information will never end up in the wrong hands. Information about you (when you complete a survey), remains confidential and completely anonymous; so the third party site offering that survey to you, will never even know your name.

So, how do you sign up, and who can become a member of Opinion People's survey site? To become a member of the site, you must be invited by either the site, or a current member of Opinion People. Self-registration is not an option. If you are invited to join the site, there are a few other conditions which must be met, including: being at least 14 years old, and you are required to have a residential address and a bank account in Europe.

So, once you have received an invite, and have become a member, you will start receiving email notifications to take part in certain surveys, which your demographics fit into. You will be invited to participate in surveys pretty frequently; the site tries to send at least two to three opportunities per month. In the event you do not complete a survey, or are kicked off a survey because you dont' fit the target group, you will not receive a payout, nor will you be entered into the monthly drawing. To receive a payout you must collect at least 150 bonus points, and you have to order a payout using the correct information relating to your European bank account. 150 bonus points will earn you 15 GBP, and will be transferred to your account at the end of the month.

For individuals who love giving their opinion, and want to be paid for it, this is a great site. If you are invited to join the site, and meet the qualifications, it is a great way to make your opinion known, and let your voice be heard in the consumer market. Click here to get started with Opinion People.





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