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Why do I Keep being screened out of surveys?

There are numerous reasons why you can be screened out from a survey. One of the reasons for this could be that the survey has had enough responses from people within your age-group, or people who live in your specific region. Therefore, you should always try to respond to a survey as quickly as possible. Do this by checking your email account on a regular basis.

Another reason for being screened out of surveys is that you have not updated your profile. This is essential, as the survey site will send out surveys relevant to your profile. Always, update your profile on a monthly basis.

Sometimes you can be screened out of surveys for answering the questions too quickly or not giving thoughtful answers to the questions. Many surveys will have tester questions where they ask you to tick a certain box. This makes sure you are not randomly ticking boxes to get through the survey as quickly as possible.

However, there are plenty of survey sites available, that very rarely screen you out of surveys. You Gov and Crowdology are two good survey sites where screening out rarely happens. By being a member of a few survey sites, you will soon find out for yourself which survey sites work well for you.




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