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Is it possible to make a living from taking online surveys?

The answer to the question "Is it possible to make a living from taking online surveys?" is not easy to answer. This is because it all depends on the survey site the person uses. However, all things considered, it is difficult to make a living by taking surveys. It is true that there are some survey sites out there that offer decent amounts of money. But they are rare and far in between. Then of course, there are the fake ones. In fact, most of the so called make money survey sites pay very little or next to nothing. And some of them are downright frauds.

The only way to really look at the survey industry is by seeing it as a part time job where a person can make some money on the side. Some people would call it "pocket money", and that could anywhere between 20 to 200 pounds a month. In fact, if the client can make anywhere around 200 pounds a month; they would be doing pretty well. The bottom line is that, the internet has spawned a whole industry of snake oil merchants, so one must be careful and choose wisely before going forward with something like this.

So, the next natural question will be "How does one find a reliable online survey site, which pays a decent amount of money?" The first thing that should be looked into is if they ask for money for joining. If they do, then most likely it is a fake or a very low paying job at best. Never give money to join something like this. However, there are exceptions to this. Some survey sites that ask for money are looking for people who have specific knowledge regarding a particular product or products. In this case, they may ask for a nominal fee to join. The next big red flag would be if they promise large amounts of money that can be made. If they claim this, then most likely it is a fake.





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Is it possible to make a living from taking online surveys?
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