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ACOP Survey Site Review

Those looking for an "American Consumer Opinion Survey Site Review" need not look any further. The American Consumer Opinion site offers people money for answering surveys. There is actually a lot to be gained from surveys. Companies can use that information to target their marketing campaigns. They can be used to determine whether or not there is a niche to be filled. In the right hands, it is incredibly powerful information. It calls itself a worldwide network that helps shape the future.

Registering with the site is simple. The user answers a few generic questions, such as where they live and if they are living with someone. It also asks more in-depth questions, such as how they access their email and the primary language spoken in their homes. All this information is used to determine which surveys apply to them. Becoming a member is absolutely free, which is nice. International participants are entirely welcome.

The number of surveys a person receives per month varies. It truly depends on their demographic and their answers during registration. Incentives for each survey range from a measly two dollars to fifty dollars each. It depends entirely on how long the questionnaire is and how long it takes people to fill it up. Participants who are lucky enough to participate in a focus group can earn over twenty-five dollars.

Payment methods differ depending on where the user lives. Those living in Canada or the United States have honorariums deposited into their accounts. They can find out how much they have if they heck their account balance. To actually receive their honorarium, they can request to cash-out. They will be sent a check. Those living overseas are also sent checks. Those that cannot receive these checks will be given an American Express gift check.

They have an extensive frequently asked questions section. This should help new users become acclimated to the system easily. It pretty much lives up to its name, answering most questions that would come up.

First off, users should understand that this is in no way a reliable method of making money. It is a feast or famine situation. Sometimes the user qualifies for everything and the money rolls in like dough. Other times, they just do not qualify for anything. It can take forever to receive a survey after signing up. This is due to the nature of surveys and demographic study. They may require a very specific group of people. Being excluded is hilariously easy.

People like the site because it appears professional. This is important. People are required to input personal information and the professionalism makes them feel secure. The problem is that it promises surveys that may never come. There are anecdotal reports of payments delayed so severely that it takes months for them to see money for the few surveys that do appear. It is a hit-or-miss site. Either it does extremely well for someone or it becomes a waste of time. It really depends on which demographic the user belongs to. Click here to sign up with ACOP.






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