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Pure Profile Survey Site Review

How to Start
Getting started with Pure Profile is as easy as typing in Pure Profiles web address and registering by clicking the blue button on the right hand side of the page. Registering takes less than a minute which includes entering a valid email address, a password, your birth date, and the word verification then click "Register." Once the registration is complete a "Welcome" email will be sent to you for verifying your account.

Survey Quantities Each Month
The amount of surveys that come in a month varies due to the information you provide in your personal profile and the type of surveys available. It is advised to complete all your personal profile, which will increase your chances of receiving continues surveys. The information in your profile is used to match you with the right campaign or survey.

Easy as Pie
With Pure Profile the surveys are easy to complete, some of the surveys will let you leave the survey and return to it later while other surveys will not. The surveys that will let you return will have a "View" button that will allow you to return to the survey. It is best for the survey taker to complete each survey so as not to miss out on be able to completing them.

Survey Payment
Surveys from Pure Profile pay according to the length of each survey. There is no set amount of money per survey however the longer the survey the money it is worth. Each survey has a set of pre qualifying questions; Pure Profile will still pay you even if it turns out that you did not qualify for a survey. The amount of money that is credited to you is smaller than if you qualified for the survey but every little bit helps.

Methods of Payment
The only form of payment Pure Profile offers is direct deposit that goes right into your bank account. Once your account reaches $25.00 you can request a redemption/payment and it is at that time when you are asked for your banking information which you will have to do each time you request a redemption /payment. This process protects you and your account from hackers. Redemption's can take up to 30 days to be approved and deposited into your bank account.

Customer Service
Customer service is easy to contact whether you are complaining, complementing, or just making a suggestion Pure Profile welcomes all feedback which is use to better serve you. If you do offer feedback of any kind it could take up to 7 days before you receive a reply.

You get paid in cash that is direct deposited. You can refer your friends and family which helps earn you even more money.
It takes 30 days to get paid, and up to 7 days to receive a reply from customer service.

Pure Profile has overall great benefits for account holders and is worth joining if you want to earn some extra money from home. Click here to sign up to Pure Profile.





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