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How to monetise your blog.

The face of the internet has taken on a new look. The internet started as a means of giving the government and the military communities the ability to exchange information on their computers. This form of communication has developed considerably in the last two decades into the internet that as we know it today. The socialization that has immerged as a result of these developments is unprecedented in the history of communication. Our communication habits have changed as well. We converse and interact with millions at a moment's notice and where we used dairies and journals to express our thoughts we are now blogging. Just what is it that a blog does? It provides information that is usually from the writer's own personal perspective. A blog gives voice to an attitude or opinion that otherwise may not be voiced. So how could it possibly make money? Follow along as I give you not one but five ways to make money with a blog.

Ad Sense

Ad Sense is an application that provides text, images or videos to promote a product or site on another website. Google provides this application and by allowing them to place these ads onto your site you can receive a percentage of the revenues the Google generates with these ads. This method is quite lucrative and can produce some real residual income.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing allows one website to join forces with the blogging website for the purpose of driving traffic the affiliate site. You as the host site allow a link to be placed on your site with the expressed purpose that each time that someone clicks on that link, they are taken to another site to buy something, fill out a form, give an email address or take a survey. Each time a consumer does one of these things you are paid a portion of the resulting revenue or a preset, predetermined amount. This can prove in some cases can turn into quite a profit. This type of marketing not serves to increase the traffic of the linked site it can also provide more credibility for you as a site that can be trusted by the consumer.

Membership Programs

This approach creates a place where for a few dollars a month members have access to more detailed and more important information or an opportunity that the general or casual reader will not have access to. Perhaps your blog is about getting ahead in business. While the general information about the subject can be viewed by everybody, members have exclusive access to more detailed information with e-books, special programs, or courses that provide more of what the member is looking for.

Web Directories

Companies will pay you to promote their sites and services on your site. You can have web directories sites for marketing strategies or maybe or products. Web directories address every possible need that there is, ranging from automotive, business, health, entertainment just to mention a few. You are actually providing a service that will help generate more traffic to their site.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are another way to make money. Placing these ads on your site provides more visibility for that site. An affiliate site provides a small amount of code that you paste into your template and the banner is up and running on your site. Each time a consumer clicks onto the banner and purchases something, or whatever the banner site wants you receive payment. Just be careful in choosing the banner ad that you want to use. Rule of thumb is that you don't want to use too many banners. This could cause you to lose credibility with your audience. They could get the wrong idea and thing that all you want is money.

These are just some of the things one can do to generate money with a blog. Not only are you providing your audience with information you are also providing them with additional access to links that could be of help to them.



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