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Toluna Survey Site Review

Toluna is an online survey site owned and operated by the Toluna Group. By joining the Toluna panel community, you can share your opinion about products and services with other like minded individuals and Toluna and win awards points redeemable for cash and prizes. Plus you get an opportunity to participate in the monthly drawing for $4,500.

The surveys are interesting and fun. So participating is actually more like socializing than working. Complete surveys and participate in polls. Create your own polls and opinion topics. With 4,000,000 members, you're sure to get some interesting responses.

Membership is free and as a member you can earn rewards for survey completion and participation in polls. You also get to try for tester positions. Register to be a tester of different products and when you receive the product, you'll be asked important questions about what you liked or disliked about the product and its performance. Test products like lip gloss and lip stick, anti-wrinkle cream, correction fluid, baby stroller shades and air freshener. If you're selected to test the product, you get to keep it and the only thing that is expected of you is your feedback.

When you participate in polls, you're asked provocative questions like "Do you feel the Declaration of Independence is still relevant?" or "When you're on vacation do you tend to be more wasteful?" The poll will have a series of possible simple responses that you can select from and enter your reply. When you participate you earn rewards points. For participating in a poll that asks, "Do you have GPS with voice recognition?" By answering "yes" or "no", you can earn 15 rewards points. Select the category which you would like to complete a survey about: politics, business, health, science, films and cinema and others.

Everyday at least 176,000 opinions are added to the site. Rewards include entry into the sweepstakes drawing with 500 points earned and gifts that require anywhere from 3000 points to 150000 points to redeem. You can earn points for completing surveys. The earnings are 500 points or more for online surveys. For writing an opinion, earn 100 points for a minimum of 80 words. Up to 5000 points can be earned monthly. You are rewarded 15-150 points for completing sponsored polls. There are at least two additional ways to earn 500 points: for registering and for referring a friend. You can also earn 100 points for personal interest surveys.

Convert your reward points to gift cards. A Tango card converts 75,000 rewards into a $25 gift card. A My Choice Works card converts 150,000 points into a $50 gift card. When you earn at least 60,000 points you can redeem it for $20 cash.

Convert your free time into cash and rewards by completing polls, surveys and opinions. Be the first person in your community to try a new product when you are chosen to test new products. And enjoy the camaraderie of sharing ideas and polls with other members of the site. Click here to join Toluna.


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