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New Vista Survey Site Review

Online survey can be a great way to earn money from home while shaping the marketplace based on your opinions. Newvistalive.com is a survey company that will send you interesting evaluations to take part in and you will receive financial compensation for participating.

The survey answers that you provide is combined with other survey takers responses and may be published by the national media. You'll be paid based upon the survey's length and generally you can make 1 pound for every 5 minutes of survey time. You will need to be precise with your answers and may not get paid if you rush through the process.

You can take part in as many surveys as is sent to you, as long as the survey subject appeals to you and your profile meets the qualifications. The surveys are open for varying time periods, so it's recommended that you take part quickly to ensure that your opinion is needed.

Quality control checks are in place for every survey to provide an accurate poll. If answers don't make sense or the completion time is not long enough, then that survey will be thrown out and not included for the client. New Vista Live is committed to providing companies with an accurate opinion poll.

The results of your surveys are used for company research and you will not be contacted by a 3rd party group regarding your participation. When the research is used for media purposes, it will be in the form of a general statement such as 3 out of 4 people are currently employed in the UK.

You can keep track of your points under the My Details section on the website. You can also review your history and see how many rewards you've collected and how far you need to go for a pay-out. Points will be added to your account after the survey has closed, which will vary based upon each survey. Some will close within a day while others can take 3 months.

You can update your user profile as your personal life changes. This could possibly allow you to participate in more surveys depending on your sex, age, marital status and whether you have children.

In order to request a pay-out you'll need to build up 50 points and at that time you can request a cheque for 50 pounds. If you don't qualify to participate in a particular survey, you will then be placed in a monthly drawing for 250 pounds. The drawing takes place on the second Monday of each month and you will be sent an email if you win.

You will need to be a resident of the UK and at least 16 years old for survey approval. You will need to register and once that is completed you'll begin receiving emails regarding online surveys that are ready for your input. There is no cost to join including administration or annual fees.

Your participation is completely voluntary. However, online surveys are a great way to earn a little extra income every month. Click here to join New Vista.


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