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Consumer Intelligence Review

Not sure if you've heard, but taking surveys and doing mystery shopping can actually be rather lucrative. Lots of people are supplementing their incomes simply by saying what they think. Lots of companies are willing to pay you for your honest and true opinions. It helps them make better products that people will love and in turn sell more. Your opinion is worth a pretty penny; here's to profit from it.

There are several companies out there who gather opinions. One of the best and easiest I've come across is Consumer Intelligence. Consumer Intelligence is a great way to make a little extra pocket money. To get started all one has to do is simply go to their website and sign up. In return Consumer Intelligence will send you polls and surveys to complete. They also have Mystery Shopping Jobs (where you go buy something from a specific store and rate their level of service, get names of people who helped you, etc.), as well as lending out your address info in order to obtain insurance company quotes. For all of these tasks Consumer Intelligence pays anyway from 5 pounds to 30 pounds, plus 1 pound for each friend you refer to them.

There are so many different consumer research companies out there and Consumer Intelligence has proven itself to be legit, they don't give out or sell your personal information, besides using it with your consent to obtain the insurance quotes, and they pay via
Paypal, which is convenient, quick, and easy. You can transfer the money right into your bank account.

To join you don't have to take any tests or sign your life away, all you do is simply sign up on the website, get your email confirmation, and that's it, you're a member, easy peasy.

You usually get a few surveys per week from Consumer Intelligence. Sometimes your profile won't be match for each assignment, however, you should be able to make on average, between 5 pounds and 50 pounds per week - which is rather significant pocket change. It takes anywhere from five to forty-five minutes to complete the surveys, depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection. The surveys are easy to do, they usually ask you about yourself and your habits as a consumer. The information you provide is used to make products better for people like yourself so it is imperative that you answer honestly. Don't be afraid to express your true opinions, that's what they're paying you for! Be forewarned however that it is absolutely necessary that you answer honestly, if you answer inconsistently your survey will be invalidated and you will not be paid for it.

If you have a question that isn't answered on their helpful website and FAQ don't hesitate to send them a quick email note. Consumer Intelligence is more than happy to answer your questions and resolve issues, their customer service representatives are kind and willing to help.


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