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Info Barrel Website Review

Info Barrel rates quite highly when compared to other website of its nature and this is mainly due to the 75 percent profits share for any member who manages to pull in traffic to their articles and stack up on ads. The prospect of getting a percentage that high on your article after bringing in adverts sounds good to any content writer and for the most part this is the main attraction to the site. The site's residuals earn $100 million a month, so you're guaranteed your article will get some well deserved attention and garner income if published; also the top ten scorers get to have their profiles published on the site's main page, which of course flocks traffic to their articles, creating more rep and earnings for the writers.

For a content sharing site to be successful two elements are vital; one, the site requires some solid following, which Info Barrel can boast of, and the actual profit sharing needs to be humane. This site has these and a lot more traits which make it a favourite for writers. Again, hooking onto the referral program boosts your income by 2 percent.

How to get started with Info Barrel?

It's very easy actually; like any other revenue sharing website, after creating your account, you will be required to fill up some extra fields in your profile, including your picture, your address and such, that is if you're in it to get paid, like the majority of the members. There are a few other sites you need to register with, like Google Adsense and Chitika, after which you can receive future payments from Info Barrel.

How you can make money on Info Barrel?

Publish an article on their website ranging from easy 'how to' articles to deep research science, philosophy, religious or political content and have the masses flock to your particular article; of course this means you have got to captivate in your article, in order to get a high view mark, then after the site has managed to attract some major ads, they generously share the profits with you. They could write you a cheque and mail it to you, and that's why you have to fill in your address on the profile section.

How easy is it to create and publish articles?

Easy as it can be. You'll have a supervisor of sorts, who will assign you work and edit it for you, before posting it on the site. After you've worked with the site, there's a chance to increase the revenue to 90 percent, a number of ways to earn cash through Chitika, Amazon and Adsense; it only gets better.

How does it compare to similar sites such as Hubpages?

Infobarrel is way better. Ratings on Infobarrel's customer care, growth potential and overall usage rank it pretty high up, and of course the future only looks brighter for the revenue sharing website, so that attracts a lot of traffic to the site, which hoists their income through the roof.

 To join Info Barrel click here.



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