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Constant Content Review


Constant content is a website which provides writers opportunities to sell articles. It can be a decent way to make some extras money on the side, and if you really good at it, it is even possible to make a decent living though Constant Content, while working in the comfort of your home and using your computer. However, as with any work at home website, it will require lots of patience and jumping through a few hoops before you start making substantial amounts of money. In short, getting acquainted with Constant Content and finding regular work is not as easy as other writing websites.

On the other hand if you show perseverance and work at it, it is possible to do well with Constant content. One of the biggest reasons why people fail with this website is discouragement. They try once and fail, and then do not try again. With a website such as Constant Content, this attitude will not work. After signing up with them (which is easy to do) the next step is to write them a sample article. However, Constant Content has some strict guidelines regarding the type of articles they accept. Basically, it needs to be perfect. This is where most people feel discouraged.

The thing to do here is to not give up. After writing the first article, sit down and read through it a few times. Keep checking and make sure it is compatible with their guidelines. One rule that Constant Content has, which some find unusual, is that all articles should be written in third person. This basically means they will not accept any articles containing I, you, no matter how well it is written. They like "professionally" sounding articles with an easy tone. Be sure to check for plagiarism, like other writing sites they have strict rules concerning this.

On the other hand, Constant content does not have strict rules when it comes to word count. However, keeping the first article somewhere between 300 and 800 words would be a good idea. What makes this site different is that it will allow the writer to set a price for the article. They will help you with setting an acceptable price. Authors also have different choices called usage rights. For example, if you give full rights to the article, the customer can buy the article outright and even claim to be its author. A basic usage right will allow the author to sell the article to multiple customers.

After the article has been submitted, the author will have to wait for a few days to get it accepted. However, once accepted and you become comfortable with how things are done, you will start to get requests to write articles. This is a big break through moment, because answering requests is where the real money is. This is because once you have reached this level, the chances of someone buying an article at the price you have set, will go up immensely. The point of all this is that it is possible to make respectable amounts of money with Constant Content, provided the author does their homework well and most important of all, sticks with it. 



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