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You Gov Survey Site Review


You Gov is an internet-based British market research company that specializes in gauging public opinion on various topics through surveys. Even though you would assume by their domain name, that they are a government-funded agency, they are in fact a privately held company. In You Gov's 'About Us' section of the site they advertise that they are contracted by various clients like non-profit organisations, media outlets, and even academics. This of course is to demonstrate to future clients but especially potential survey-takers (called panel members) that they have a solid footprint in the market-research world and are able to substantiate their payout claims.

If you are a UK resident who is over the age of 16 then you can participate in the You Gov panel all that you need to do in order to join is click on the box that says "New Panel Members Sign Up Here" in the right hand corner of their homepage and enter your information. Soon after you will receive an activation email to the the email address you provide and once you click on the link in the body of the email you account will be activated. You Gov strongly encourages you to fill out the profile survey so they will know what type of surveys to send you.

You Gov typically pays 50 points or 1 pound per survey and once you have accumulated at least 5000 points or 50 pounds you can claim your cheque. Your check will be mailed to your mailing address so make sure it is correct. Alternatively, if you do not want to wait for your points to add up you can enter your points into their monthly prize draw for a chance to win prizes (all you need is 50pts in order to enter and for every 1 point you get 1 entry so the more points you have the greater your chances are for winning). Keep in mind that not all surveys are paid surveys.

The surveys are kind of interesting and relatively simple to fill out and once you have completed the survey the points or pounds are automatically credited to your account and you can check your account balance at any time. All you have to do is go to your personal section entitled 'MyYouGov' and fill in your log-in information.

I am registered with many survey sites. I joined, not because I am particularly interested in filling out surveys but because I like the cash incentives. However, my experience with You Gov is the payout time frames have been extremely long. I have won a few prizes but they have only been small sum gift certificates. A lot of people complain about not getting access to quality surveys but I've not had that problem, my inbox is usually flooded with them. On another positive note, I will say that their customer service department has very quick response times, generally within 24 hours even though my emails have gotten responses a lot faster than that. All in all, if you register with You Gov thinking you will make some quick cash this may not be the site for you but it can be fun and there are a lot of other cool prizes available.



 To join up with You Gov and check out other UK survey sites click here.


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