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Squidoo is a very popular publisher community that makes it relatively simple to create lenses over the web. Lenses are web pages and they act like fliers or overview articles that gather everything you know about a certain topic and put it all into focus. They are called lenses because like a camera it puts everything into a certain perspective. It is a powerful and very fun way to share your view points and interests online to attract new readers and build your online credibility. This is completely free and you could even earn a profit for yourself or for charity.

There is so much you can do with Squidoo, and it is known that it can get a little overwhelming when you are brand new and still looking around. There are so many different ways to make a creative page with many themes and colors that attract to the eye. Squidoo has been reviewed by many web sites and papers around the world who loved the lenses on the blogs in Squidoo.

Making money on Squidoo is not as difficult as one may think as long as it is broken down in an easy to understand way. The lenses that are created are, according to the terms of service for Squidoo, measured by things like traffic, click-outs, reader ratings, inbound links, and affiliate sales. The web site is now using a fourteen day window that the lenses are judged for that period. The lensrank calculations are done using data from the past two weeks, instead of looking directly at a lens's lifetime of publication. This ensures that the freshest, most timely, and most actively updated lenses are not ignored because of the lenses that perform just because they have been around longer than other lenses. They are keeping all of the same requirements but throwing the "grandfather clause" out because just because they have been around longer does not mean that they are much better than newer lenses that get good traffic.

So once you make the lens, the web site rates you and pays you based on the number you get on your lens. The royalties made from the site are thrown into a pool and fifty percent goes to the lensmasters. Five percent of the pool goes to charity and the rest is used to pay employees. The money you earn goes into your paypal account, and there you have it - money earned from your lens.

How to make money from Squidoo

 To get started with Squidoo click here.


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