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How to make money on Hubpages is a simple process, but keep in mind that you must follow the guidelines and terms of service. These basic steps will get your feet wet and the rest is really up to you as a writer.

The first step is to register. You will need an email address that can be verified, a profile picture and be ready to fill in some basic information as a new member. All of this can be done later, but it good to get something up about yourself for others on the site to see.

Once you set up your Hubpages account, you should go ahead and start adding some content. This is advisable because it takes a little time to learn the various tricks to making a hub look and read well. There are lots of nuances that make the Hupages system nice for edit, but mainly that you get many of the benefits of html design without the need to understand code. Once you have a feel for the site, you can make more elaborate content.

You can start making money by setting up affiliate programs that post advertising on your site. Anyone can set up affiliates if they able to get approved.

Recently Hubpages has begun their own affiliate program that they can pay you directly for the clicks and impressions your pages, it is called the Hubpages Ad Program. In order to use it there are a few steps. First you need to register a Google Adsense account, second you need a Paypal account and need to be ready to provide your tax identification number for earnings. The PayPal account will need to have the same email address as your Hubpages account, but the Google Adsense account will not. Also Google will generally not approve a Hubpages account until it has been active and has content for at least six months.

The trick about this is that if you get disabled or banned from Google Adsense you cannot continue to earn money from Hubpages. You will need to be careful about this, many good writers are no longer able to earn money on Hubpages due to violation of the Google Terms of Service agreements. This is much easier to do by accident than most people realize.

Amazon affiliate ads can also be used, but they generally do not make very much money. However, if you are writing product reviews then Amazon affiliate ads can prove very effective as many readers go on to purchase the item once they have read a review.

Overall, Hubpages is an easy place to start making money if you don't have any technical knowledge of building websites. In addition to this Hubpages has an excellent community, so click here to get started with Hubpages.


How to make money from Hubpages.


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