Top Australian Survey Sites

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn a second income in you spare time. Market Research companies, from around the world, will pay for your opinions about the latest products and current affairs. The avearge pay per survey is around $4 per survey, but some survey sites can pay you up to $20 or more per survey, and ask you to take part in online focus groups where the payout is considerably is higher. Survey money maker has teamed up with the best survey sites who are currently looking for new Australian panelists, and all of these survey sites are FREE to join.
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2. Nielsen Homescan
Nielsen is an excellent online survey site, and is one of the largest markest research companies in the world. You will get paid for rating products and completing surveys. This has got to be one of the best Aussie Survey Sites.
American Comsumer Opinion Panel is one of Americas largest survey sites, currently recruiting new panel members. Although the survey frequency is not as good as some of the others, payments for surveys tend to be higher, from $4 to $50. The survey are usually easy to answer and take around 10 minutes to complete. Payments are made by cheque in Australian Dollars.  You are also entered into prize draws, just for remaining as a member!
4. Brandleaders
Brandleaders is a very good Australian survey site. Surveys take around 5 minutes to complete, and these can be exchanged for prize draw entries.
10. The Great Australian Survey
To enter The Great Australian Survey all you have to do is complete a short 5 minute survey. Once you have registered, you will be entered into the $30,000 prize draw which takes place every 6 months. There are also plenty of other competitions and surveys to take part in.
6. Qualified Opinions
Qualified opininions is another excellent survey site. Each time you participate in a survey you will have a chance of winning an instant $50 cash bonus or Star Cash Fuel Card. Also, every time you respond to an invitation to complete a survey they will provide you with a syndicated entry into Saturday Night Lotto. You will get 10 free lines in Saturday Night Lotto.
7. Test and Vote
Test and Vote or Toluna is an excellent international survey site, currently looking for new survey memebrs. Expect to receive several surveys per months, and thse points can be exchanged for gift cards. There are also many 1 question polls that can also earn you points.
9. Snap Dollars
Snap Dollars is an other good survey site and they will give you $5  for joining. You can also earn money by reading emails and earn cashback on your shopping. You can also take part in their free lottery game where you can win cash prizes.
Ciao Surveys
Ciao surveys is another great cash survey site. Cash rewards will vary for each survey, and you can receive payment through Paypal. The survey frequency is excellent, and they will also try and set you up with a new survey if you have been screened out.
5. Valued Opinions
Valued opinions is another great survey site that rewards you in cash for each completed survey. You will receive several surveys per month, and you may cash out when you reach $20 dollars.
1. Valued Opinions
Valued opinions is a great survey site, and will pay you around $2 to $5 per survey. The survey frequency is excellent, and you will receive several surveys per month. Once you have reached the payment threshold, you can selcect a voucher of your choice.

Other Australian Survey Site

8. Opinion World Surveys
Opinion world is another excellent survey site. The survey frequency is excellent, and they offer you cash surveys as well as surveys that you can donate to charity.
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